This special web page has been posted in celebration of the 36th anniversary of Apple's offical announcement of the Lisa computer on January 19, 1983. January, 19th is also the 18th anniversary of first going online, hosted on (at the time) a 18 year old Lisa computer. At the time, I predicted a bright future for the Lisa, and now18 years later that prediction has been proven true. A lot has happened in the Lisa world over the last18 years. So today, is being hosted on a very special Lisa2 computer.

This Lisa hosting this site computer contains a lot of new hardware that was developed in the last 18 years since first when online. The hard disk is has been replaced by the amazing X/Profile hard disk emulator. The motherboard, CPU board, and IO board all have been replaced by brand new and impoved repoductions. These fantasic boards would not have been posible with out the great commitment and support of Todd Meyer the founder of Sapient Technolgies. Thank you Todd! The system also contains a brand new Dual Port Parallel Card, and a Lisa X/COPS a modern replacement for Apple's custom COP421 chip on the IO board. In place of the floppy drive I use a Floppy Emu Disk Emulator. I also have been using a new replacement for the old Tecmar Quad Serial Port board. None of this great hardware was available 18 years ago, they will insure that my Lisa's will continue to run 18 years from now!

Please note that my Lisa2 hosting this web server is currently connected to the world wide web via a pokey slow (by todays standards) 230K localtalk connection and it does not do her justice! While Lisa can easily handle both HTML pages and graphic files, I moved the links to all the graphics to my OSX server to keep things moving.

I would not have ever been able to orignally get online without help from James MacPhail whose company Sigma Seven Systems Ltd. made many of the Lisa upgrades that allow her to be so productive.

I also must thank Chuck Shotton whose MacHTTP software makes running on a Lisa2 possible.

Finally, I must thank John Woodall owner of VintageMicros whose dedication to the preservation of the Lisa is un-paralleled.

Attention all current and future Apple Lisa owners!

I would like to introduce all visitors to John Woodall's business VintageMicros.  VintageMicros continues the spirit of  SunRem and DaFax as the only major source of Apple Lisa systems, upgrades, parts, and accessories.  VintageMicros is not only the best source for refurbished and NOS Lisa items, but John is also investing his own money in developing new upgrades and solutions for keeping Lisa's running well into the future.

My personal goal for has been to encourage the development new techniques, hardware, and software for Lisa hobbyists to use and preserve their systems well into the future.  I firmly believe that VintageMicros supports this goal.  Visit VintageMicros at or contact John directly at

ENTER as it was on January 19, 2001...