This is the Union Pacific Challenger No. 3985 Steam Engine.

What does it have to do with my Lisa2 computers?

Please let me explain:

60+ year old No. 3985 is not is in some museum, she is still running on the rails today right along side of the more "modern" trains. She can keep up with the best of them, and no-one ever has to make excuses for her age. She draws a crowd were ever she goes. Just like my Lisa2 computers!

Just like old No. 3985, my 18 year old Lisa2 computer is not a museum piece. Lisa can run with the best of them, straight down the information super highway, the internet. She is strong, fast, connected, and still very useful today. As proof that she is so strong, she can host this web-site.

This is what my website will be about. If you came here looking for boring, useless information on stuff like twiggy and widget drives or the Lisa office you came to the wrong place and you are missing the point! Apple saw Lisa as the future of personal computers, let her show it to you.