Happy BirthDay Lisa! (Born 1-19-1983)

18 (now 36) Years ago, Apple created Lisa to be the computer of the future, yet all the hype and Lisa web-sites around are stuck in the past. I hope to change that. With all the hype about the mouse and the GUI, two of the most important points of her design seem to be always forgotten:

1. She was designed to run multiple operating systems, Apple knew that the LisaOS may not be popular in 2002, so they left the door open for her to run newer OS's (like MacOS).

2. She was made to be hardware expandable: memory upgrades, additional ports, hard disks, and 3 expansion slots (with great ZIF connectors).

I use my Lisa2 computers almost daily, doing the same sort of things you would do with a modern PC.

- She prints to a Postscript Laser Printer

- She is connected to and shares files with Ethernet LAN with both Macs and PC's

- She is connected to the Internet.

- She can run apps like: MS Word, Excel & Lotus 123, PageMaker & Quark Express, FileMaker Pro & FoxBase, Email, Browsers, and Fetch.

- She supports large SCSI hard drives, Scanners & Video Capture, and even CD Rom drives.

- She also makes a great web server and is hosting this site!

If your have any other inquires please e-mail me at: lisa2@lisa2.com