Lisa was designed to run multiple operating systems, Apple knew that the LisaOS may not be popular in 2002, so they left the door open for her to run newer OS's.

Apples own Lisa System Specifications (from a 1984 System Overview catalog) describe Lisa's ability to run Macintosh Programs (MacWorks), BASIC-Plus, COBOL, and Pascal Applications, MS XENIX and UniPlus (flavors of UNIX), even MS-DOS!!

On my Lisa2 Systems I run standard MacOS System 7.5.5 (the last ver that supports 68000 CPU's) on top of the MacWorks+II PRO environment.

MacWorks+II PRO is not an emulator, but a Lisa program (a Lisa environment) that allows Macintosh programs to operate on the Lisa Hardware by loading into RAM the same toolbox code that's normally in the ROM on Mac.

MacWorks+II was developed by Sam Neulinger of Daxfax Processing Corp together with James MacPhail of Sigma Seven Systems (Query Engineering). MW+II is an upgrade to the MacWorks+ software by Sun Remarketing and original MacWorks program by Apple.

Without the hard work and dedication of both James and Sam, would never have been possible. Thanks.

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